mother-of-pearl hair scrunchie

This is a contemporary hair scrunchie with a heritage that combines mother-of-pearl craft, a traditional Korean craft, with modern technology. We used technology that can be applied to silk fabrics that add luxury by flexibly processing mother-of-pearl, which has a luxurious natural luster, represented by pearls. Enjoy traditional patterns, once seen only as cultural assets, as trendy hair decorations.


hongd.made  X  K-MOMENT
scrunchie white

Heritage flower-patterned Mother-of-pearl decoration Soft silk hair scrunchie

Artist introduction

Creator Hongdmade (Hong In-sook) created the brand silkdonut by designing the traditional motif of ‘made in Korea, product by Seoul, K-DESIGN’ with a modern sensibility, with the motto ‘what is most Korean is global’. silkdonut was named after the imagination that a hair scrunchie is like a hair donut, and presents accessories with luxurious quality like silk and a rich design that makes you feel like tasting a donut.

hongdmade scrunchie


Sculpting traditional flower patterns on mather-of-pearl,

Decoration on soft silk satin.

Full of volum, signithre D metal plate point.

hongdmade scrunchie2