Cloud Tray: Exquisite Korean Lacquer Woodcraft


It was created through nine lacquering processes. Cloud tray from the <JINGYEONGSANSU> project presented by artist Yunmi Kim’s brand JAKDANG. It can be used for a variety of purposes as a tray that can hold desserts, light meals, or accessories.


Cloud Tray (Large, Medium, Small)

Artist introduction

Artist Kim Yun-mi is an expert in repairing Korean lacquer cultural properties and is affiliated with the Cultural Heritage Administration. She is a craftsman who reinterprets traditional Korean lacquer techniques in a modern way.

She has won numerous competitions, including the Korea Traditional Crafts Competition and the Korea Design Competition, and her works are in the collections of the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates, the Office of the President of Indonesia, and others. She also works as a painting artist under the pen name Kimi Jaak.






work notes

Art is not a work made by hands, but a transmission of emotions experienced by the artist – Leo Tolstoy

If all art is a combination of the subjective and the objective, nature and reason, the unconscious and the conscious, then the artist’s daily experience will be the best means.

When I was young, I lived in a neighborhood covered in mountains on all sides, and fortunately, I still live in a neighborhood where I can see the foot of Inwangsan Mountain and Bukhansan Mountain. Perhaps mountains are an element of daily life that cannot be left out of my visual experience.

This is why the title of this work was chosen as ‘JINGYEONGSANSU’. ‘JINGYEONG’ refers to the essential beauty of an object beyond its visible form or color. At this time, rather than thinking about reality, we cannot help but think about what the true form that exists beyond reality is. If natural beauty is the beauty that expresses natural things, artistic beauty is the beauty that is revealed through various arts through the power of human actions. The joy and charm of lacquer craft includes both of the above. This is because it is created by combining the intimacy of materials from nature with the thoughts and warmth derived from the artist’s experience. Looking at the depth of the lacquer color coming from the layers of paint, it feels like I am building up my story.

That’s why I encounter lacquer.

Nowadays, everyday crafts have become aesthetics of taste rather than tools of use. Isn’t craft the role of revealing something outside of a limited space? I hope that the sensibility of the space will be enhanced through the Jingyeong landscape work, which uses Korean landscapes as a motif.









Introduction to Lacquer

Lacquer is the sap extracted from the trunk and branches of the lacquer tree and is used as a paint and medicine. It has been used in Korea since the 1st century BC. Lacquer is a compound with the most stable and strong characteristics among various paints that exist in nature.

It is a durable material that does not corrode in various acids and alkalis and is highly salt-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof, insect-proof, preservative, and insulating. In particular, it has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and sterilizing effects, so it is widely used in tableware and household crafts.













Size details 

Large 381 x 227

Medium 324 x 194




Return and refund policy

The artist’s original works and custom-made products can only be canceled within 24 hours of ordering, after which exchanges or returns/refunds due to a simple change of mind are not possible.
In the case of pre-order post-production works that are handmade rather than finished products, the shape of each object may differ slightly from the photo, and this is not grounds for exchange/refund. Please take note of this.

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