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From tradition to modernity, experience the diverse aspects of Korean culture.

Iridescent Elegance: Mother-of-Pearl Craftsmanship in Korea 2024
• Jisoo's "Pink Venom" nails showcased the beauty of traditional Korean mother-of
• Korean mother-of-pearl lacquerware, 'najeonchilgi', is a centuries-old intricate art
• Brands like Space Oddity and Ottott are preserving and promoting Korean craftsmanship by rein
Eternal Echoes of Nam June Paik: A Beacon of Artistic Revelation
• Nam June Paik, a pioneer of video art, showcased the convergence of technology and art in his
• The Nam June Paik Art Center, opened in 2008, explores Paik's artistic philosophy and off
• The center not only features Paik's works but also addresses contemporary art debates and

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