Sohye Jung

JUNGSOHYE began her work with the idea of dressing the old in new clothes. She applies clothing-making techniques to pottery, newly recreating the texture of fabric. Based on the elegant forms of traditional pottery and object shapes, she fuses the delicate threads of women's chamber crafts and the rich textures of textiles. As if tailoring intricate clothing, she stitches together unique pottery pieces, one stitch at a time.

Through her works that traverse the boundaries between tradition and modernity, textiles and pottery, JUNGSOHYE is opening new horizons in Korean crafts.

These pieces, made entirely by hand, are created by joining carefully selected fabrics to the original form, then meticulously stitching and filling them with cotton to achieve a unique volume. In this process, the once-flat fabric transforms into a three-dimensional form, offering the aesthetics of chance through unexpected wrinkles and curves.

The pottery is then produced using the plaster slip casting technique. The continuous needle stitches engraved on the surface of the work are elevated beyond mere decoration to become functional elements that complete the form, while simultaneously acting as unique patterns that further enhance the artistic value of the piece.