Terms & Conditions


We are K-MOMENT, a registered entity in the Republic of Korea. Our official address is FINSO F5 33-6, Ogong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeonbuk-do, 54871. You can reach us at KMOMENT2023@gmail.com.


For custom-made or commissioned products, we collaborate with skilled artisans. We are proud to partner with some of the most talented craftspeople in the Korean craft industry.


Feel free to get in touch with our customer service team by calling +82 10-3362-6356 or emailing us at KMOMENT2023@gmail.com.


Should the need arise to contact you, we will do so via telephone or by sending emails to the address you provided in your order.


In our communication, the term “Writing” includes emails. Here are some key definitions:

  • Bespoke Product(s): Custom-made products commissioned from an artisan.
  • Bulky Package(s): Packaging exceeding dimensions of 55cm x 55cm x 39cm.
  • Private Client: Individuals purchasing products for personal use.
  • Made to Order Product(s): Products presented to you for creation based on mutually agreed specifications.
  • Artisan: The skilled creator of the products available for purchase.
  • Online Product(s): Items available for dispatch and showcased on our platform.
  • Trade Client: Individuals or entities purchasing products for trade, business, or professional purposes.
  • Website: Our platform, accessible at https://www.k-moment.com 
  • K-MOMENT Shipping: Utilizing a specialized QC Inspection & delivery service for Hand-Crafted artworks.


These terms and conditions outline the agreement under which we provide products to you. We recommend reading them thoroughly before placing an order. They detail our identity, the product supply process, contract changes or terminations, problem resolution steps, and other essential information. If you identify any discrepancies, kindly contact us for clarification. Clauses marked with asterisks (**) do not apply to Trade Clients.


Carefully reviewing these terms is crucial before finalizing your order. They elucidate who we are, how we fulfill product orders, potential changes or terminations to the contract, steps to take in case of issues, and other significant details. Should you perceive any errors in these terms, please reach out to us for clarification. Clauses marked with asterisks (**) are not applicable to Trade Clients.


1. How We Confirm Your Order

1.1.1 Online Orders

If you’ve placed an order via email, you can confirm it by making payment through the provided payment link in our order confirmation email. This forms a legally binding contract once payment is received.

1.1.2 Reservation

You can reserve products via email or telephone. After our written confirmation, we’ll hold the reserved products for up to 5 working days. If you don’t place an order within this timeframe, we’ll release the reservation.

1.2 Unable to Accept Your Order

If we can’t accept your order, we’ll notify you in writing and won’t charge you. This could be due to product unavailability, unexpected resource limits, or inability to meet specified delivery deadlines.

1.3 Order Number

Upon accepting or confirming your order, we’ll assign an order number, which you should use when contacting us about your order.


2.1 Order Cancellation

For orders with The New Craftsmen, there’s no general return or cancellation right, except as provided for private clients by law (section 6). Made to Order and Commissioned products can’t be canceled but may be amended as per clause 2.2.

2.2 Changing Your Order

Contact us if you wish to modify your order. We’ll confirm if changes are possible, inform you of any price adjustments, and ask for your confirmation. If we can’t make the change or if it’s unacceptable to you, you may consider canceling the order.

2.3 Our Right to Make Changes

We may make changes to terms or products, notifying you before they take effect. You have the option to end the contract before changes become effective and receive a refund for unpaid products.


3.1 Delivery Costs

Delivery costs will be explained during email exchanges for orders. Various insured delivery options are available, with costs added to the total payment.

3.2 Estimated Delivery Date

During the order process, we’ll provide the estimated delivery date in writing.

3.3 Delays Outside Our Control

We’re not responsible for delays due to events outside our control. While we’ll make every effort to minimize delays, substantial delays may allow you to cancel the order for a full refund.

3.4 Delays for Bespoke and Made to Order Products

Reasonable delays may occur for Bespoke and Made to Order Products. If you choose to cancel due to delays, we reserve the right to charge for incurred expenses.

3.5 Deposit for Backordered Products

Any deposit for Backordered, Bespoke, or Made to Order Products will be applied against due amounts.

3.6 Collection by You

Collection from our warehouse may be arranged, but we’re not responsible for damages once the products are collected.

3.7 Non-Arrangement of Delivery

If you don’t arrange delivery or collect products after a failed attempt, we may charge for storage and further delivery costs, potentially leading to order cancellation.

3.8 When You Become Responsible

Once delivered, products become your responsibility.


4.1 Additional Charges for International Delivery

Products delivered outside the EU may incur additional charges due to local legislation or customs requirements. Recipients are responsible for these charges.

4.2 Payment for Additional Charges

For certain countries like the US and Canada, you may receive a request for payment of additional charges before delivery.

4.3 Export Packing and Customs Documentation

We can arrange export packing, customs documentation, and insurance for export orders, acting as your exporter. Additional charges for these services will be invoiced separately.

4.4 Customs Formalities and Further Information

If we handle customs formalities, we’ll request payment for charges and may need additional information. Failure to respond within 5 days may result in contract cancellation.

4.5 Return of Products

If you or the recipient wishes to return products, you must request a refund of customs duties directly from the relevant customs office, providing proof of return.


5.1 Legal Obligation for Quality

We’re legally obligated to supply products that conform to the contract, are fit for purpose, and of satisfactory quality.

5.2 Variations in Product Images

Product images are for illustrative purposes, and while efforts are made to display accurate colors, variations may occur. Handmade product dimensions are indicative.

5.3 Accuracy of Measurements

For Made to Order or Commissioned Products, you are responsible for ensuring accurate measurements.

5.4 Color and Other Variations

Reasonable variances may occur, and your acceptance is acknowledged.

5.5 Quality Guarantee

While we guarantee product quality for 12 months, certain products may react to climatic differences. Care instructions will be provided, but climatic impacts are subject to our position.

5.6 Reporting Problems

Questions or complaints about products should be directed to us, and we aim to respond within 2 working days.

5.7 Right to Return

You can return defective products, and we may examine and test them to determine responsibility. Refund or replacement will be offered for non-conforming or defective products.

5.8 Examination and Testing

We reserve the right to examine and test products claimed to be defective under clause 5.7.

5.9 Refund or Replacement

For non-conforming products, you’ll be offered a replacement or full refund, including initial delivery and return costs.


6.1 Cancellation Right for Private Clients

Private clients can cancel orders within 14 days of receiving the products, except for Made to Order or Commissioned Products.

6.3 How to Cancel

To cancel, inform us by a clear statement within the specified timeframe.

6.4 Product State During Cancellation

We may deduct an amount from the refund if product value loss is due to unnecessary handling.

6.5 Return of Products Under Canceled Orders

Products must be returned within 14 days after notifying us of cancellation, at your cost.

6.6 Refund Process

Upon complying with cancellation obligations, we’ll reimburse the price and delivery charge within 14 days of receiving the products.

6.7 Refund Inclusions

The refund includes the initial delivery cost, except for supplementary costs due to a different delivery method.

6.8 Returns Discretion

Returns not subject to legal rights under clauses 5 and 6 are at our discretion.