Hallyu: The Korean Wave – About the Exhibition

Address: V&A South Kensington, London, UK

Closes Sunday, 25 June 2023

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) presents “Hallyu: The Korean Wave,” an exhibition that explores the global impact and influence of South Korean popular culture, encompassing music (K-pop), television dramas (K-dramas), and fashion. The term “Korean Wave,” or Hallyu, refers to the growing popularity and reach of Korean culture worldwide, which has experienced a significant surge over the past two decades.

The exhibition delves into the various factors that have contributed to the rapid dissemination and success of Korean pop culture across the globe. It highlights the crucial role played by social media and digital technology, which have allowed fans to easily access and share content. Furthermore, the exhibition explores the unique cultural elements and the appeal of Korean pop culture that have captured the interest of international audiences.

In addition to examining the key factors driving Hallyu, the exhibition showcases various aspects of Korean popular culture through diverse exhibits and multimedia displays. Visitors can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships between the different elements of Hallyu, including the interconnectedness of music, fashion, and television. The exhibition also sheds light on how the Korean Wave has contributed to the growth of Korea’s creative industries and its national brand on a global scale.

By providing an immersive experience, “Hallyu: The Korean Wave” exhibition aims to foster a deeper appreciation of Korean culture and its global impact among its visitors. Through the exploration of K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean fashion, the exhibition offers a unique perspective on the driving forces behind the international success of the Korean Wave and how it continues to shape and influence global pop culture trends.

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