Hanji is a traditional Korean paper that has been used for centuries for writing, printing, bookbinding, and art. Despite its decline in popularity during the 20th century, Hanji has seen a resurgence in recent years as a sustainable and eco-friendly material for crafting and design. Hanji’s unique texture, natural color, and versatility have made it a popular material for designers and artists around the world.

Experience Hanji in Korea

Visitors to Korea can experience Hanji through various cultural destinations which showcase the history and craft of Hanji, as well as modern uses of the material in art and design. If you are interested in experiencing Hanji in Korea, there are several places you can visit to learn about the history and craft of Hanji.

  1. Jeonju Hanok Village: Located in the city of Jeonju, the Hanok Village features traditional Korean houses, or hanoks, that have been converted into galleries, workshops, and museums showcasing the art and craft of Hanji. Visitors can watch demonstrations of Hanji-making, try their hand at Hanji crafts, and purchase Hanji products.
  2. Andong Hahoe Folk Village: The village, located in the city of Andong, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that features traditional Korean houses and cultural experiences, including Hanji-making workshops.
  3. Hanji Culture and Industry Center: Located in Seoul, the Hanji Museum showcases the history and craft of Hanji including traditional Hanji artwork and modern uses of the material in art and design. The museum also offers Hanji-making workshops for visitors to experience the process of creating Hanji themselves.
  4. Hanji Theme Park: Located in Wonju, the Hanji Theme Park is a cultural complex dedicated to Hanji. Visitors can learn about the history and production process of Hanji, as well as participate in Hanji-making workshops and try Hanji crafts.
  5. Daeseung Hanji Village: Located in Wanju. It is a beautiful destination in Korea that showcases the traditional art of Hanji paper-making. With its stunning scenery, cultural experiences, and handmade crafts. Hanok-stay is also available there.
  1. Jeonju Hanok Village: http://hanokmaeul.or.kr/eng/index.do
  2. Andong Hahoe Folk Village: https://www.hahoe.or.kr/en/index.jsp
  3. Centre culturel et industriel Hanji : https://www.kcdf.kr/hanji/
  4. Hanji Theme Park:  https://www.hanjipark.com/main.php
  5. Daeseung Hanji Village: http://www.hanjivil.com
Hanji is not only a traditional Korean paper, but also a cultural heritage that connects the past and present. As we continue to appreciate its unique qualities and uses, Hanji will remain a cherished part of Korea’s cultural heritage and an inspiration for future generations of artists and designers.
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