Inspired by the artist’s initials, Eka Craft is a brand that represents the ‘unknown’ element that has yet to be discovered. It refers to the fusion of straight lines and curves, the study of the ‘uncharted territory’ that connects flat and curved surfaces, and reflects the characteristics of products with fused forms. Pursuing eco-friendly crafts, we aim to present interesting works and products through continuous development and communicate with various fields.Ekakraft combines the contrasting techniques of lacquer, a traditional craft, and 3D printing and metalworking, a new technology, to create its objects: Inherit; font-weight: inherit; color: var( –e-global-color-text ); font-family: var( –e-global-typography-text-font-family ), Sans-serif; background-color: var(–ast-global-color-5);” data-mce-style=”font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; color: var( –e-global-color-text ); font-family: var( –e-global-typography-text-font-family ), Sans-serif; background-color: var(–ast-global-color-5);”>A functional object with a contemporary aesthetic and sculptural form, the piece uses cutting-edge technology to create the body and lacquer the surface. Fusing craft tradition and modernity, it explores forms that are both familiar and unfamiliar.”


[Solo Exhibition]

2023 Connect, Yeol Bukchon-ga, Seoul, Korea

[Before your personal booth] 

2023 Seoul Living Design Fair, Private Booth, COEX, Seoul, Korea;

2022 Home Table Deco Fair Next Creator Individual Booth, COEX, Seoul, Korea;

2021 Craft Trend Fair Creative Workshop Private Booth, COEX, Seoul, Korea;

[Group Exhibition] 

2024 ART HAUS, Art Tag House, Seoul, Korea;

2023 Disappearing Things, Say hhh Gallery, Seoul, South Korea;

2023 Putting Art into Everyday Life, AK ART FAIR, AK Gallery, Suwon, Korea;

2023 Hyperlinks: Everlever Art Project, ArtNoid178, Seoul, South Korea;

2023 Cube Showcase, Gallery 71, Seoul 2023 Monthly;Yeonri, MIA x story.kaan, Seoul, Korea

2022 Craft Trend Fair KCDF Business Center, Excellent Craft Designation System Promotion Center, COEX, Seoul, Korea;

2022 Craft Trend Fair Brand Pavilion, Seoul Women’s Craft Center Thearium Group Exhibition, COEX, Seoul, Korea;

2022 House, Gallery One, Seoul 2022 FLOWER POWER X CAVA LIFE, Cava Namyeong 108, Namyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea;

2022 2021 Craft Design Product Development Exhibition, KCDF Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea;

2021 Craft Design Star Products, Craft Trend Fair COEX, Seoul, Korea;

2021 Alchemist 13th, KCDF Gallery, Seoul  

2018 snow,decoration,galleryaone,seoul

Movement of the Gaze 2018, Aurum Gallery, Seoul, Korea

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