Song-i Kim / Kyunghoon Kim

Somoksobok is a lifestyle craft brand that utilizes the traditional craft of mother-of-pearl inlay to engrave various patterns like paintings on solid wood. The pieces created by the sibling duo of Kyung-hoon Kim, who specializes in mother-of-pearl craft, and Song-i Kim, who focuses on woodworking, offer small but precious joys in everyday life. Somoksobok hopes that these little pleasures will permeate every corner of our lives.

Somoksobok's signature pieces harmoniously combine the natural beauty of mother-of-pearl with the warm texture of wood. Each piece holds unique artistic value, adding special charm to daily life. Somoksobok's works, including mirrors, jewelry boxes, trays, storage cabinets, and sewing kits, emphasize the beauty of mother-of-pearl, making them both practical and artistically valuable pieces. Add beauty to your everyday life.