Seohye Jang

Seo-hye Jang of ROUTECERAMIC is a ceramic artist who continues her work with a unique vintage sensibility and captivating textures. Her brand ROUTECERAMIC is known for functional pieces that add artistic value to everyday life.

Seo-hye Jang's works possess an aesthetic charm that naturally draws the hand. His pieces, realized in various forms such as vases, bowls, and cups, transform everyday moments into artistic experiences.

Seo-hye Jang's constant exploration for perfect glaze colors imparts a unique personality to each piece. The harmony of delicately blended hues captures the viewer's interest and deepens their understanding of the work. The true charm of ROUTECERAMIC is fully conveyed only when felt directly by hand.

The delicate variations of texture and light on the surface of ROUTECERAMIC pieces offer a rich experience that encompasses both visual and tactile senses. These characteristics imbue the works with warmth and timeless beauty, completing ROUTECERAMIC's unique charm that adds artistic depth to daily life while maintaining the essence of ceramics.