Yunmi Kim

Jaakdang's Yunmi Kim, a certified Korean lacquer cultural heritage repair technician, has been continuously reinterpreting traditional lacquer techniques with a modern sensibility. Her signature series, "True Landscape Soban and Tray," features natural lacquer works inspired by Korean landscapes, embodying a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity.

Yunmi Kim has recreated a unique aesthetic by ingeniously incorporating bamboo weave patterns and fluid natural curves into the traditional Hojokban tray. This innovative approach clearly reflects Jaakdang's brand identity and demonstrates the potential for contemporary adaptation of Korean traditional crafts.

Jaakdang's works, recognized for their artistry and practicality, were selected as state gifts in 2024 and are now part of collections in major institutions worldwide, including the Royal Court of the United Arab Emirates and the Presidential Palace of Indonesia. This has not only introduced the excellence of Korean traditional crafts to the global stage but also solidified Jaakdang's international standing.

Based on Yunmi Kim's creative vision, Jaakdang continues to present innovative works that seamlessly bridge tradition and modernity, East and West, offering a new paradigm in Korean craftsmanship.