Insook Hong 

Artist Insook Hong presents unique works that combine traditional craftsmanship and modern technology through his brand, hongd.made. By applying distinctive patterns of our nation, which were previously only appreciated as cultural heritage, to trendy hair accessories, he creates new value where tradition and modern sensibilities harmoniously blend together. In particular, he enhances the beauty and elegance of natural materials by meticulously processing mother-of-pearl, which exudes a luxurious luster like pearls, and decorating it on silk fabric.

The artistry and originality of Insook Hong's works have been proven by the fact that he simultaneously won awards and was selected by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion and the Korea Craft Competition. This is an official recognition of his artistic capabilities and vision, demonstrating that Insook Hong is contributing to the development of Korea's craft culture by building a unique world of work that encompasses both tradition and modernity.