Eunkyung An

The brand 'EKACRAFT', inspired by the initials of the artist Eun-Kyung An, is a metal crafts brand that presents works bridging tradition and modernity. 'EKACRAFT' showcases unique designs through a harmonious fusion of straight lines and curves, flat surfaces and curved planes, embodying the brand's distinct identity through the combination of traditional lacquer and modern metal. 'EKACRAFT's works are created by combining traditional lacquer craftsmanship with new technologies such as 3D printing and CNC processing. This fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques gives birth to functional objects with modern aesthetics and forms. By utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the body and finishing the surface with lacquer, a harmony between tradition and modernity is achieved.

The visual characteristics of the works originate from lines. Lines start from a point and appear as either straight or flexible curves. Various visual motifs, such as natural objects composed mainly of curves and artificial objects combining straight lines and curves, are used to form diverse surfaces and create three-dimensional volumes and spaces. The composition of forms is primarily based on planes and spheres, and the combination of soft and solid images of spheres with sharp planes gives rise to new forms that include different curvatures. The fusion of organic shapes of curves with the solid structure of straight lines evokes a visual image that is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. 'EKACRAFT's metal crafts add a special value to everyday life. Experience the charm of 'EKACRAFT' through works that embody the artistic sensibility of the designer, bridging tradition and modernity.