Sookyung Lee

Cloisoo is a brand that inherits the unique expertise of Soo-kyung Lee, a master of Korean cloisonné, and her late husband Ik-sun Kim. Founder Soo-kyung Lee continues to challenge herself, creating works imbued with artistry and creativity based on this legacy.

Cloisoo's pieces create new value through the combination of a passionate dedication to color and modern design. Born through hundreds of thousands of firings, these works embody the essence of color and reflect human anguish and perseverance.

Cloisoo's creations emerge from countless intricate processes, realizing colors of unchanging truth. This journey is never easy, but through it, the works acquire profound meaning.

Even in a rapidly changing world, Cloisoo cherishes every step of the creative process with utmost care. This philosophy leads us to call the unchanging "truth," symbolizing the spirit of Cloisoo.

In Cloisoo's works, viewers encounter human anguish, perseverance, humility, and pure souls. These pieces awaken our aesthetic senses, comfort our souls, and inspire us towards a better world.

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