Jungho An

Jungho An, an artist who majored in sculpture, has worked with various materials but found a deep fascination with wood. He has devoted endless effort to understanding the unique characteristics of different wood species and their growth environments, discovering the intrinsic beauty of wood in the process.

For Jungho An, working with wood is like starting a new conversation. By exploring the unique grain and personality of each piece, he has come to view wood not as a mere material, but as a subject of communication.

Inspiration from overseas travels has enriched Jungho An's artistic world. Cement and tile furniture in Cambodia and a blue chair in Europe made him realize that furniture can possess artistic value beyond mere functionality.

Jungho An explores the boundary between functionality and artistry, pioneering new territories. While breaking away from traditional woodworking frameworks, he strives to maintain the aesthetic and experiential elements in his work. His 'Spectrum Table' is an innovative piece that incorporates the concept of sound into woodworking, physically manifesting digital sound waves and demonstrating a natural harmony between wood and sound.

In Jungho An's work, tradition and modernity coexist. Based on traditional furniture-making techniques, he fuses modern design and technology to build his unique artistic world. His works are a culmination of craftsmanship, artistic sensibility, and a deep understanding of wood.