K-moment, A New Journey of Korean Craftsmanship


K-moment shares the beauty of Korean art with the world and introduces handcrafted works and stories imbued with devotion. The birth of K-moment is deeply rooted in the special artistic journey of its founder, Lance Lee. Discovering the world of art through reading Western art collections from his family's bookshelf during his childhood, Lance Lee rediscovered the value of Korean art after entering the Department of Art History and Archaeology. During his 21 years of living abroad, he experienced various cultural branding, and he developed a vision to introduce and communicate Korean art and sentiment to the world.


K-moment aims to go beyond introducing the diverse aspects of Korean craftsmanship to the world; it aspires to be a global platform where people from all over the world communicate beyond cultural boundaries through art. Centered around the works of Korean artists, we attempt new cultural dialogues through collaborations with international artists inspired by Korean aesthetics. By introducing innovative works encompassing various artistic genres such as crafts, paintings, texts, design, and media, we seek to share contemporary interpretations of Korean art with the world.


K-moment focuses on the stories behind the artworks. We discover and share genuine narratives of each artist's unique experiences, sources of inspiration, and the creative process. Through this, we aim to connect the essential value of art and the artist's philosophy with the public, beyond simple exhibitions and artwork sales. We support the creative visions of artists and provide a platform where their stories can resonate with the world. Through diverse programs, we facilitate direct communication between artists and the public, creating a space for deep cultural exchange and understanding mediated by art.

K-moment shares the unique sensibility of Korean art and its universal value with the world through carefully curated collections. Add the essence of Korean contemporary art to your space with K-moment, which conveys the beauty and meaning of art beyond cultural boundaries. Experience the passion and creativity embodied in each artwork and create special artistic moments in your daily life.